Nigeria’s unity not negotiable, says Senate

Nigeria’s unity not negotiable, says Senate


The Senate has stated that Nigeria’s unity as a country is not negotiable. It vowed to move against those who are pushing for breakage of the country.

The lawmakers made their position known at the valedictory session marking the second anniversary of the 8th Senate.

In his remarks, Senator George Akume (Benue North-West) urged the Senate to take a firm stand against “irredentist movements” in different parts of the country.

“Whether it is Biafra, Arewa or those of Yorubaland, we must rise as a legislature to make a statement on what is happening. We will be failing as a major arm (of government) not to say something that will reassure the people. We are greater being together than going our separate ways,” he said.

Also, Senator Shehu Sani urged the Senate to take a firm decision on the growing regional agitations across the country.

He said, “In the words of J. F. Kennedy, in times of domestic crises men of goodwill and generosity should be able to come together irrespective of party and politics. I believe that this Senate has been able to do that. As far as I am concerned, the challenge before this Senate is what we can do to address the very important political, social and economic issues that affect our country.

“This Senate has passed through the first two years and the next two years will be more challenging. And the challenge before us is that this country is faced with the secessionist crisis from the southeastern part of Nigeria and sentiments from the North by anarchists and ultra-conservative nationalists.

“This Senate must make a clear statement that the unity of this country is cannot be compromised and we are determined to remain one and we must remain one. I think we should know that a nation united by force is vulnerable and a nation united by justice is impregnable.”


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